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Amy Albert is Amy - just sublime!
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One outstanding performance was that of Amy Albert who does an incredible job both vocally and characterization-wise with her song "Not Getting Married." Amy was funny, has amazing breath control, and she was stunning to watch as she melodically rips through her song with such speed and clarity!
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Amy Albert blazes adorably through the tongue-twisting, commitment-phobe's swan song "Not Getting Married."
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If you are at all familiar with Company, you'll know one great, scene-stealing song is "Not Getting Married Today." In the Crown City production Amy (played by Amy Albert) goes into a state of panic and ferociously sings and lists all of the reasons why she belongs in Bellvue and will not go through with her wedding. Albert, who even gets interactive with the audience, nails this hilarious number which is definitely a highlight whether or not you have seen the play.
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Within minutes it becomes clear that the calculated wit which went into creating Amy Albert's drunken alter ego is considerable, and is only outshone by her flawless vocal ability. What better expression of humility than to break up a breathtaking, pitch-perfect rendition of 'All By Myself' by taking covetous swigs from a bottle of Listerine?

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Desperate, 'never-was starlet' Delilah Dix is a riot. And not just because of the white-trash celebrity anecdotes (which are hilarious) or the songs (gutsy and catchy yet teetering rather thrillingly on the edge of vocal disaster).

Part standup and part cabaret, this character-driven hour of outrageously maniacal chaos is the brainchild of performer Amy Albert. Delilah, supposedly the elder sister of the Olsen twins, is a foulmouthed, washed-up, celebrity name–dropping, D-level Hollywood wannabe for whom nothing is too inappropriate. As her alter ego swigs Scope and rubbing alcohol, Albert demonstrates spot-on comic timing, an obviously well-trained singing instrument, and the ability to roll with whatever happens. Given the wasteland of TV sketch comedy, here's hoping her talents are discovered by someone soon.
ETC Productions LLC at the Second City Studio Theatre (Los Angeles) as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, June 28 and 21, 2010

Really delightful, raunchy, sweet, and hilarious. Amy Albert is one talented broad!

Amy Albert's hilarious portrayal of Delilah Dix, a boozy, fading, cabaret floozy is a comic masterpiece.
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Brilliant comedienne Amy Albert slurs her words admirably as the furred and sequined host ...
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The only believable moments are provided by Amy Albert's minister during a long monologue about finding her faith at a gay church. For a few minutes, it seemed as if there was a real person talking about an important life experience, rather than an actor telling jokes or getting weepy.

Cara, a lesbian, has news of her own, and Ms. Albert's monologue about her fall from and return to the church is compelling.
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Amy was always great at making friends and funny faces.
CAROL, Amy's Mom